Rescuing Mr. Gracey

Rescuing Mr. Gracey


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Love Grows

The latest excerpt from Rescuing Mr. Gracey:

She licked her lips, unable to define the ache that hummed inside her stomach. “Well….I was tinkin’…” She cleared her throat. “I was thinking ummm.” She lifted her head and met his intense gaze. “Tis a fine night for a walk, especially with someone as nice as you,” she whispered.

The corner of his mouth curled on one side. “Even in the rain and the cold,” he said lowly.

“I don’t feel either one.”

Smile fading, his thumb traced a slow, possessive path over her cheek, near her ear, down to her lips…

The Story Continues… Another Excerpt

Meet our hero…

Slumbering embers sparked, threatening to flare. He longed to shout, You dare to tell me what to do and when to do it. I belong to no one.

But that was a lie. Powerful people owned him…or rather, they owned his father.  Alec was bound as thoroughly as a prisoner of war.  His warden—a slovenly, arrogant snake—tortured him daily.

“I’m going to the dance.” Alec’s startled heart thudded.  Had he spoken that out loud?

An Excerpt to Wet Your Appetite

We’re closing in on the RWA Golden Heart Finalists® Award Ceremony! Unfortunately, I have been blessed with the burden of a second round of metastatic breast cancer, and the treatments won’t allow me to attend. However, with a little perseverance, some dedication, and a whole lot of faith, we are all able to overcome, and I have an even greater resolve to see Rescuing Mr. Gracey published.

A poignant tale of two lovers on a collision course with their nation’s political and religious war.  Theirs is an an adventure of a lifetime, and we are ready for the world to hear our story.

Lily heaved an impatient sigh. “Mark me words. Mr. Alexander ain’t no British spy nor Orange neither. He’s tinkin’ of a wee Irish lass what loves swimmin’ in icy water.”

Mary’s hand oddly trembled, irritating her all the more. “There’s no need to fear the wind if the haystacks are tied down. I’ll have nothing to do with him.”

Lily tossed a final taunt as she split toward the opposite direction. “I wouldn’t be so grieved if he chased after me skirts. He could catch the moon, dat one. Aye, with just a wee smile and a blue-eyed glance, he could.” Lily laughed as she ran up the hill then turned. “Sure an’ that would be worth losing a wee bit of hay.”